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Recognizing asymmetry, a key concept in the postural restoration world: Part 2

So, now you know that the human body is inherently asymmetrical. We never use our body the same way on the right as we do on the left, and this functional asymmetry creates torque in the body, which in turn creates unnecessary muscle tension, alters breathing and can negatively affect the entire nervous system as well. We can get " locked " into certain, often predictable patterns, developing compensatory movement strategies. For example, we tend to stand on our right leg more than on our left, with our left shoulder higher than the right; we generally have more tightness in the right side of our rib cage and neck, along with a forward pelvis on the left.

Postural Restoration practitioners recognize this asymmetry and look at the right side of the body differently than they look on the left. Right shoulder pain is evaluated and treated differently than the left. Regardless of where symptoms are located, the goal is to reposition the pelvis, rib cage and cranium to reduce this torque and restore more symmetrical movement between the right and left sides of the body. Patients are often surprised at how restoring proper position in one part of the body can affect a seemingly unrelated part. Often, chronic problems that have not responded to traditional treatments respond very quickly to this approach of treatment.

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